Windows, windows, windows- DIY in the Van

This week, a prolonged spell of dry weather has enabled us to start refurbishing our windows, which has proved a lot trickier than expected!  It was only once we’d purchased the van & experienced some hot weather that we realised the fly-screens were less than perfect (to say the least).  Fraying & so torn around the edges that Sybil could stick her nose right through them to get a better look at John outside (swoon), they were not exactly doing their job.

The net we bought off t’internet when we were last in the UK has turned out to be inadequate (although perfect for fairy wings it’s too insubstantial for the windows) so we ventured out to the ferrageiro (ironmongers – with the rudest shop assistants in Portugal) to get some proper stuff.  Kitted out with the right material we’ve been able to make a start at last. 

The first problem we encountered was that to get to the screens, the whole frame has to come off the wall – easier said than done.  Getting the screw caps off was a job in itself – some had been glued on – and I am now bereft of my best quick-unpick.  Although the perfect size for prizing the little caps out of their lair, it just didn’t have the strength and finally snapped L

Getting the screws out was the next hurdle and, once done, the screens come away from the wall to reveal about 12 years’ worth of dead insects – grim, very grim.  Donning rubber gloves and equipped with buckets of bleachy hot water we’ve spent the week scrubbing, scrubbing and scrubbing again until all the components are sparkling clean!  I really enjoyed sewing the new mesh on to the battens as keeping it all exact and within the tiny grids really appealed to my OCD tendencies!!!  Ho hum.

Windows, fly-screens, Hobby motorhome, Algarve, Portugal

When I’m re-furbing windows.
Life in the fast lane with John & Jane!

So, after a couple of days of hard graft (!), we’ve managed to refurbish 5 out of the 9 windows & they look bloody marvellous.  No longer will I be shamed by our quite frankly shoddy fly-screens.  We’ve even managed to get the telly up & running so all in all we’ve had a successful week!

And now for something completely different ….

Can anyone help rehome our lovely 12 year old tabby cat Dillon?  We didn’t feel it was suitable to bring him travelling & his foster mom has developed allergies. 

He’s very fit & active and loves to play out before coming home & chilling out in a comfy spot.  Although he can be very timid, once he gets to know you he’s a really loving, super-furry purring machine.

We’ve never had any bother with him or any health problems.


If you do know anyone who would be willing to provide a comfortable, loving retirement home please let me know, thanks!

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3 Responses to Windows, windows, windows- DIY in the Van

  1. Jo Koszel says:

    Oh, Dillon, is beautiful! We have a cat and a very elderly Scottie Dog already so I’m afraid a home with us is not an option. I’m sure that someone will fall in love with him. Am very impressed with wth your window handy work, Jane! X

  2. Dawn Rose says:

    Sounds like you both have a lot of patience! If the screens wouldn’t have come off first time, I would’ve left em on! Or completely wrecked the frames in a paddy! It’s nice when a plan comes together. 🙂 xx

  3. V and A says:

    Ah! Jane! Fellow OCD-er! How I envy the laid back Dawn Rose! If only….
    Would love to help with Dillon but sadly cannot so I do hope you find a good home.
    Will closely inspect sewing when we meet up in Gib. Hope all hemming stitches are the same!
    Much love, Vanda xxx

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