John & Jane Go Shopping

After last week’s exciting “fun with bleach” episode, John and Jane go shopping – see John wince.

The Eastern Algarve, where we are, is far less developed than the central region, made up of fishing villages rather than bustling coastal resorts.  There is, however, quite a large shopping centre about 3 miles up the road on the way to Tavira & having managed to avoid it thus far, we eventually succumbed to temptation one gloomy afternoon. 

The Gran-Plaza shopping & cinema complex in Tavira

The Gran-Plaza shopping & cinema complex in Tavira

The shopping centre houses a Continente hypermarket, fashion shops and loads of kitchenware/home décor places along with a large electrical store, cinemas and a food court amongst more practical stores such as opticians and stationers.  One thing we’ve noticed locally is that the shops appear to be either unlit or very dimly lit and it was the same in here too.  I was fully expecting to be completely dazzled and hyperventilating after 5 minutes but it was a really pleasant experience browsing around. 

Shops, shops, shops!

Shops, shops, shops!

There was a really good choice of shops including Seaside, Mango and even a C&A!!!  Sadly, the C&A did not have a ride-on pony like the store in Bradford used to have – sigh.  Just like at home however, the sales are on & I bought a pair of deck pumps for the staggering sum of 6€ -quality items no doubt!  We treated ourselves to lunch before setting off to our next exciting shopping destination – the fabric shop – hurrah!

About another mile down the road towards the campsite is another complex made up of a couple of warehouse type buildings housing a furniture shop, the fabric shop, a “Shopping China” and a “China Moda” (clothing) shop.  Over here, the China Shops are like a huge pound shops, selling just about anything you can think of & the one here is enormous.  The China Mode shop had some lovely clothing but the sizes are absolutely tiny – made for an Asian body frame I think, rather than my chunky form J

So … the fabric shop.  Those who know me will know I love sewing and dressmaking.  I like to search out fabric shops & haberdasheries everywhere we go, especially since John bought me a new sewing machine as a belated birthday present a few months ago.  The fabric shop is called Pagapouca and is, I think, the strangest shop we’ve encountered yet.  You enter at basement level into a display area of umbrellas, PVC cushions and a few racks of the oddest clothing I’ve ever seen.  At first we thought it might be a charity shop but I’m guessing it is clearance stock (from when & where I wouldn’t like to say).

I’m looking for some lovely lightweight cottons for simple tops and nice stretchy colourful dress fabrics but alas I was not to be satisfied – I’m shopping in the wrong season!  Although it feels like Spring/Summer to us, it is really winter here.  The locals are all wrapped up in boots, coats and scarves and the fabrics on offer were all beautiful but very wintery!  Heavy, dark woollens, tweeds and corduroys will make super trousers, skirts and jackets but not what I was looking for.  Oh well, back to the internet!

A chicken in Aldi car park at Tavira, Portugal.

The great escape? A chicken strutting it’s stuff in Aldi carpark, Tavira.

Talking of odd shopping experiences, every time we’ve been to the Aldi in Tavira there’s been a chicken roaming around the car park along with a gaggle of cats.  When we did our shop a few days before Christmas there was no sign of it & we feared the worst but I can happily confirm that it’s back – in fact this week there were 2 of them!

Following on from last week’s appeal, I’m delighted to announce that Dillon has been re-homed!  Thanks to my smashing cousin Elaine, a wonderful lady and her grandson who live in my home village of Hove Edge have provided him with a comfortable retirement home full of love and cuddles! 

Thank you for all your kind comments and here’s to a happy ending!        


Happy Endings!

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  1. V and A says:

    Shop ’til you drop babies! Any Lidls around? Spot Austin!

    Glad Dillon warm and safe and cuddled. Much love, V and A xx

    PS Gib/Duquesa dates are 5th-16th May. Will liaise nearer the time re when and where for Grand Reunion!

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