Happy Anniversary!

Well, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? 

I can hardly believe it but it’s a whole year since we sold our house, most of our belongings & bought the motorhome to go adventuring.  Looking back it seems a lifetime ago, not just a mere 12 months.

A very cold day at St Annes on Sea, UK.

Brrrr, a very cold day at St Annes on Sea, UK the day we bought the van.

We’ve had plenty of ups, a couple of downs and lots of memorable experiences.  The best thing, I think, is just the feeling of real freedom and having the ability to move on when & where we like.  We’ve visited some brilliant places and met some great people.  Obviously, the worst thing was losing Sybil but she’s still here, travelling with us in our hearts.  We do still miss her every single day though.



We’re still dug-in at the campsite in Portugal, cocooned in the van waiting for the awful weather to pass and the sun to come out.  In fairness, we’ve just caught the tail-end of all the storms that have been battering the UK but boy, when you’re in a motorhome that’s quite enough.  From what we’ve read in the Portugal News, the west coast of Portugal has been the worst affected – it’s pretty wild there during the summer let alone during the stormy season.

January has brought a flurry of new arrivals to the campsite and it’s almost full now.  All the Northern European nationalities are represented – snowbirds (as the Americans call us) travelling south for the winter.

I’ve been able to keep myself entertained by dressmaking whilst John has been E-Baying a large collection of original WW1 postcards he bought at a flea-market in France way back in August.  The van table folds out double-width so I can use one end for my sewing whilst John is all set up with the computer at the other.  It’s compact but it works, although pressing seams without anyone getting scorched is a bit tricky! 

Shared workspace in the motorhome. Jane sews whilst John E-Bays.

Our shared workspace in the van – with special table leg.

So far I’ve made a skirt, some shorts and two dresses (1 of them fully lined) and am currently battling with creating a perfect fitting good fit top.  Apparently, most sewing patterns are sized for B-cups and, as I am currently considerably more generously proportioned than that, I’ve been really struggling with fitting.  I am determined to succeed though & am now ploughing my way through lots of “how to” instructions – int the internet BRILLIANT!

Did I mention that we’ve been watching TV recently?  Thanks to a loan of a working satellite dish from our lovely Welsh neighbours I’ve been able to feed my “Homes Under the Hammer” and “The Sheriffs are Coming” addiction most mornings.  It’s certainly made hibernating all the more easier when the rain’s battering at the windows and we’re all snuggly watching “Murder She Wrote” or “The Real Housewives of Somewhere or Other” (John’s particular favourite) – great sew-along shows.

But alas!  Trashy TV happiness is no more – the transmitting satellite has changed its beam & is now focused solely on the UK – sob!  The only channel we can receive is QVC – arghhhh.  Non-stop QVC viewing could well lead to our own “Murder She Wrote” or “Husband Under the Hammer” if it doesn’t stop raining soon!  There are groups of men congregating all around the campsite discussing this very important and thorny issue!

Tune in next time for the next gripping installment – we might even go out if it ever stops raining!

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  1. V and A says:

    I want one of those moustaches…..
    Lovely to hear from you. Knew about the TV black out as friend in Duquesa in similar cold turkey.
    Soon be May dear ones and sparking banter and repartie from Blighty to while away the hours..
    Much love snowbirds – lovely term!
    V and A xxxxxxx

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