Feliz Páscoa!

Happy Easter! The weather’s a bit mixed here in Portugal this weekend – we even had a mini-tornado on the site yesterday. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Bank Holiday weekend back home in the UK.

We’ve spent the last few weeks splitting our time between Alvor & Silves – our favourite two places on the Algarve. The week in our timeshare apartment went too quickly – the weather was awful but we didn’t care as we were snug in the complex enjoying all the facilities – especially the bath!

Loving the bubbles - now that's what I call a proper bath!

Loving the bubbles – now that’s what I call a proper bath!

We have been a bit very lazy recently so to that end we have started volunteer dog walking at the Municipal Kennels in Portimão every Thursday morning. Depending on how many other volunteers there are, we usually walk around 3 dogs each – stopping halfway round the route for a tickle and a roll around in the grass (the dogs, not us!).

As you may know, we are coming back to the UK for 6 months this summer & will be renting somewhere to live. Our plan was to get another lovely little dog when we’re home, thinking it would be easier to home & train etc when we’re in a static location.

Ho hum – the best laid plans and all that! So, without further ado (drum roll please), may we introduce our new addition Otto.

He’s a cheeky little chap who caught our eye at the kennels and we have adopted him. It’s fair to say that he’s not the prettiest of dogs! He was a bit scraggy when we brought him home but his condition is improving daily as is his confidence. Our legs are aching already from all the walking! Oh, did I mention his ears? They are MASSIVE! They are really comical as he has such a small face!

We’re going to have lots of fun that’s for sure.

At the moment we’re planning our route home & will be setting off back in a couple of weeks.  We’re hoping to follow the Med coast around Spain before hitting France & all those lovely markets!

Here’s a little slideshow of what we’ve been up to recently – enjoy!

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3 Responses to Feliz Páscoa!

  1. Jo Koszel says:

    Otto is delightful – what a lucky little dog to find you both. As always, your photos are beautiful. Well, except for the chicken and especially the chicken feet! Enjoy Otto and travel safely back to God’s own country x

  2. JohnJaneSybil says:

    Thank you for your kind comments Jo.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter & are enjoying the May Day bank holiday.
    We are starting our long & leisurely trip back to “God’s Own” next week – can’t wait!
    Lots of love, Jane & the gang xxx

  3. john walters says:

    hi John, hope you get this tweet, just found your site on my old laptop that i have not had out for nearly 18 months, surprised it still works. Hope your journeys are all going well and you have had a good xmas & new year for 2015. mine was not too good, we had booked a meal for all the family [5] for xmas day only for Rose to have a seizure am just before the meal started, spent my day doing three washes and bed changing, never did get that meal. did you say you wanted to call in on your way through recently or am i dreaming that bit? we will be back in our mobile home from Feb 7th 2015 on any day except Wednesdays. let me know if you can make a visit, we would love to see you.
    Love all the pictures of your travels, making me wish i had a passport now, Rose probably would`t be allowed to travel with her condition.
    Hows your new dog coming along? he must be nearly a year old now.
    All the best to you both.
    John Walters

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