Better late than never – Part 1

After leaving Lucon and treating ourselves to some new super-duper garden chairs we headed north to Prefailles in the Pays de La Loire region.  The aire was really busy but tranquil under the shade of huge pine trees.  After exploring the coastal defences we went in search of Le Grand Plage, took a wrong turn and ended up walking about 4 miles down country lanes!


The look-out station

 Next stop (after crossing an amazing bridge over La Loire) was Piriac-sur-Mer which has got to be one of the prettiest towns we’ve visited so far – the photographs really do not do it justice.  We even found local cider at the supermarket – yay!  The coastline is very rugged with lots of coves and creeks to explore and yet again we were the only Brits using the aire.


So pretty!

There was a storm during the night with thunder, lightning & BIG rain.  We set off to Damgan the following morning but the aire was full so we carried on to Locmariaquer.  The area is famous for Neolithic monuments and we found one near our camp!  We also saw a chap with a husky team & cart practising their moves.

France neolithic

Neolithic thingamabob

Dogs France


With the weather turning chilly our next stop was Guidel Plages which looked brand new.  The parking was next to a very busy shop/café selling the most delicious rotisserie chicken – yum.  It smelt (and tasted) divine!  The sun did come out a little later as we watched the locals competing in a tri-athalon.


The following day was overcast & drizzly as we set off to Ploneour Lanvern.  I don’t know if it was the weather but it was most uninspiring (even a local told us it was really boring) so we moved on to Cleden-Cap-Sizun.  The aire was very peaceful as it was next to a massive cemetery!  Exploring the village took about 10 minutes so we decided to carry on to Crozon where yet again we met our nemesis – the circus!

Undaunted we carried on to Camaret-sur-Mer and treated ourselves to a couple of nights at a campsite.  The weather was awful so we cosied up watching DVDs as it pored down outside. 


Lampaul Plouarzel was our next stopover in the sand dunes in very blustery weather.

That’s it for Part 1 of our update – Part 2 coming soon!


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4 Responses to Better late than never – Part 1

  1. Jo Koszel says:

    Good to know you are still having such a great time, it is lovely to see your photos and enjoy your descriptions – gives me itchy feet! Keep on having fun and keep dry! Jo x

  2. Vanda says:

    Glad all tickety – boo in La Belle France in spite of rain. Keep on enjoying!
    Lots of love V and A xx

    • JohnJaneSybil says:

      Thanks guys – we’re slowly updating the blog before we set off again this weekend. We’re back in November for a couple of weeks & hope we’ll be able to have catch-up then. Take care, J&J xxx

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